Juanco New Lab

ODM believes that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Kenya’s health sector has had mixed fortunes in recent years,experiencing significant progress in certain areas, while at the same time continuing to face major challenges that hinder itfrom meeting the healthcare needs of Kenyans. Health systems and institutional weaknesses, lack of adequate personnel andsupplies, dilapidated facilities, and low service-utilisation, as well as mismanagement and corruption, are some of the majorissues facing the health sector today. Almost 50 years after Independence, Kenya continues to experience a high disease burden, especially concerning preventablediseases. The leading causes of death include complications from HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and diarrheal diseases.There are also significant disparities in access to services that raise serious concerns about equity. The distribution of healthfacilities and health personnel are skewed towards urban and peri-urban areas and certain parts of the country. For example,Kenyans in northern Kenya are less likely to be able to access healthcare services than their counterparts in other parts ofthe country.
Year: 2012 Area (sq. m): 1231232 Project Cost (at completion): 12323m Status: Ongoing Client: Juanco Ltd