Phosgard Plus

Class Specially engineered plant nutrient which enhances the plants natural resistance to diseases. Activity Nutrient with high Phosphorous content. Also enhances resistance to blights, mildews and other fungal diseases. Composition Phosgard is based on Phosphorous acid which when neutralized by Potassium Hydroxide generates phosphite salts. Besides providing these nutrientional elements (N:P:K), the compound is known to enhance the plants natural resistance to disease. Rates and Method of Application Phosgard is recommended at 3mls per litre of water which is equivalent to 60mls per 20 lits (knapsack). Because it has a high Phosphorous ratio, it is most useful at the growth stages when the plant energy requirement is at peak demand. These are at root development, flowering and fruit development. It is thus recommended for application at: (1) Planting in conjunction with a seed treater such as Rootgard. (2) 3-4 weeks after germination, or transplanting in order to enhance root development. (3) 1-2 weeks to flowering and (4) 1-2 weeks after fruit formation. It may not be necessary to treat a crop against blight, mildew, crown rot and root rot after it has received Phosgard as a nutrient. Potatoes, tomatoes ornamentals, pineapples and avocado are some of the crops which could avoid traditional doses of synthetic fungicides after being fed with Phosgard. Contradictions Phosgard may be mix with pesticides and other fertilizers except for compounds containing copper. Allow a period of at lease 10 days after a Phosgard treatment before you introduce copper compounds and at least 15 days if the copper treatment precedes the application of Phosgard. Precautions The product is a harmless liquid fertilizer and no special precautions are required. However, avoid careless body and eye contact and also ingestion. Storage Store in a cool dry place in the original container. Preharvest interval 0-day PHI
Type: Foliar Feeds