Class : Triazolinone, protoporphyrin oxygenase (PPO) inhibitor Action : Post-emergence, contact and selective herbicide Composition : Carfentrazone-ethyl 40% Activity : Aurora is a Post-emergence, contact and selective cereal herbicide which has high control efficacy on broadleaf weeds. Aurora is also used in minimum tillage systems as a tank-mix with Wipeout (Glyphosate) to control glyphosate misses such as Wondereing jew (Comellina bingelenses), Black jack, Portulaca spp etc to provide a more comprehensive weed control. Aurora controls weeds through a process of membrane disruption in the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway and leads to subsequent build-up of phytotoxic intermediates. Plants treated with Aurora become necrotic and die shortly after. Initial symptoms are observed within hours and death occurs within seven days.
Type: Herbicides