Class : Synthetic Pyrethroid Action : Veterinary/Insecticide/Acaricide Composition : 100g/lt Alphacypermethrin Activity : Broad spectrum insecticide/acaricide for the control of ticks, tsetseflies and other flies on livestock. Dominex controls ticks and flies including organochlorine and organophosphate resistance strains. Dominex inhibits egg production of many resistant strains of ticks including the Blue tick and controls other biting and nuisance flies through its fast knockdown effect and long residual control. Dominex is relatively safe and economical to use. Rate and Methods of Application : Dominex can be used in dips, spray races and hand spraying systems. Prepare the required quantities of concentrate Dominex with about 10 times its volume of water in the dip tank or spray race before addition of the bulk water.

Treatment is best done in the morning and animals should be allowed to drink clean water before dipping. Treat animals after every 2 weeks and reduce to weekly if the tick infestation is high, especially during period of heavy rainfall.

Contradictions: Do not mix Dominex with other acaricides/chemicals. Precaution: Do not drink, eat, or smoke when handling the product. Clean clothes and body after handling. Waiting period: Milking may follow immediately animals are drip-dry. Allow 1 day after application of Dominex before slaughter.
Type: Acaricides