Class : Plant growth support (soil conditioner) Action : Neutralization of salts in the soil. Composition : Spersal is based on polymaleic acid as a 50% aqueous solution. Activity: Spersal interacts with clay suspension forming large and stable aggregates and allows faster leaching of salts away from the root zone. Spersal also conditions the soil and improves the movement of water and nutrients. Range of application: There are no limitations. It may be applied on any crop suffering from salinity and sodicity constraints. Rates and Methods of Application: Spersal may be applied in irrigation water (drip, flood, sprinkler or hand watering) or sprayed broadcast on the soil surface. Use 10 litres/ha initially where the salinity/sodicity pressure is high followed by two monthly application of 5 lit/ha each. Thereafter, the rate may be reduced to 2 lit/ha monthly. Contradictions: No known contradictions. Precautions: Spersal has very low mammalian toxicity. However, usual care must be taken when handling the product. Preharvest interval: 0-day PHI.
Type: Speciality Products