Group Operation Areas


In the agricultural sector, the group’s interests cover agro-vet inputs and agro-processing. In the agrovet inputs sub-sector, Juanco is a leader in innovative state-of-the art products and is recognized as the pioneer in the introduction and development of biological (organic) pest control products in the East African region.

Construction / Engineering

In 1995, Juanco partnered with a South African technology firm to market an innovative road construction product, CON-AID, in the East African region.


This is a high growth sub-sector in which the group is planning to increase investment substantially.


The group incorporated and is operating a general trading arm. Under this unit, the group runs a number of businesses.


Juanco has developed and registered products for use in public health such as those used in the control of household pests.


About JUANCO Group


Juanco Group Ltd is a multi-line organization with operations in the Eastern and Central Africa region through wholly owned affiliation domiciled in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is the custodian of most of the group assets comprising of land, buildings, and trade markets.

Our Mission
To invest in and grow key sectors of the economy satisfying the needs of our customers, employees and investors.