Juanco SPS KE

Care for nature, protect What you sow

Juanco SPS is anchored in the farming and public health sectors carrying out conceptualization, development and marketing of agro­inputs and pest control products in public health. It also specializes in provision of technical service to the farming community. Juanco SPS is located in Kenya operating from Juanco Center, which is the Group Headquarters.

Product portfolio

Juanco offers a whole range of agro-inputs including fertilizers and pest control products, public health pest control products, specialized and custom-made plant nutrients in form of foliar fertilizer and drenches, farming project design and implementation, and on farm advice which is offered gratis.

Sectors covered

We cover most crop sectors including but not limited to:
• Coffee
• Floriculture
• Cereals
• Fruit Trees
• Horticulture
• Herbs etc.
• Tea

In livestock, we specialize in ecto parasiticides, drugs, vaccines, mineral licks and customized feed formulars for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, and chicken.In public health, we offer mosquito control products ranging from larvicide to adulticide, products for the control of fleas, bedbugs, lice, cockroaches, termites, ants and vermins. We also offer customized advice and support for farming projects.

Our specialty

Juanco is famous for and is recognized as the leader in the biological Pest control products in the region. All Juanco Biological Pest Control Products are organically certified. Another key specialty is farming project design and implementation

Our team

Juanco is manned by highly qualified and experienced people with expertise and specialization in various sub-sectors of farming. The organization has over thirty university graduates holding qualifications in agriculture, livestock, soil science, chemistry, entomology etc. ranging from single diplomas to PHDs.

Our commitment

Juanco is committed to deliver the best, timely, and satisfactory service in product supplies and consultancy services and to create mutually beneficial relations with our clients.

Juanco SPS Offices


Juanco Centre,
Ngong Road, Ngong Hills
P.o. Box 381 Karen, 00502 – Nairobi
Tel : +254 20 208 875 4/5/6